Just updated to macOS 11 "Big Sur" or macOS 12 "Monterey"? You may have noticed some of the apps in your Dock look a bit inconsistent with the rest of the system.


Replacicon makes it easy to find and replace app icons on the Mac. It scans online sources containing thousands of replacement app icons for each of your installed macOS apps. In just a click, you can change your third-party app icons so they better match the rest of the system, or your own tastes.

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This is a godsend! Thank you!


Replacicon for Mac screenshot - find alternative macOS app icons


Machine learning icon

To help you quickly find legacy icons to replace your Mac, Replacicon relies on machine-learned models to tell which icons are most in need of an update.

Sparkle update icon

Replacicon even watches for app updates in the background so your customized icons are not lost across app updates.

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